Felsenthal NWR Visitor Center

Union County, AR

Wilderness Graphics’ superior customer service keeps clients coming back! Follow the flow of our work at Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge—over decades...

In 1989, Wilderness Graphics was chosen to design, fabricate, and install exhibits for Felsenthal Refuge. The comprehensive exhibits offer an overview of the natural features and management programs of the refuge. Displays include extensive habitat dioramas, an interactive touchscreen program, and a unique re-created archaeological dig complete with an animatronic archeologist!

In 2006, Wilderness Graphics returned to add new exhibits to the Felsenthal visitor center. A beaver pond diorama, complete with a hand-painted mural, model trees, taxidermy specimens, and a beaver lodge, brings this distinct habitat to life. Visitors may listen to sounds of wildlife and interpretive messages or take a peek inside the lodge to discover sleeping beaver babies. An audio matching game was also completed, featuring songs of the birds visitors may hear while exploring the refuge.

Our third opportunity to work with Felsenthal came in 2017. We were tasked with planning, designing, building, transporting, and installing exhibits to, once again, update the visitor center’s interpretive program. Some of the existing elements needed maintenance including: cleaning and refurbishing specimens, replacing broken exhibit elements, rewriting outdated recordings and text. WGI removed a moist soil exhibit, including dioramas, panels, and casing and added a more relevant endangered species display. We decided to open up the space by removing a wall and adding a freestanding acrylic piece instead. Local history is preserved with a re-created cabin facade and touchscreen, and the refuge map is now more accessible and easily changed on a video display.