Keep it Low, Keep it Long, Keep it Shielded


Wilderness Graphics teamed with the Sea Turtle Conservancy of Gainesville, Florida to create a display to spread awareness about sea turtles and turtle-safe lighting. Our challenges for this project: make it portable, make it interactive, and make it engaging.



Make it Portable



The Sea Turtle Conservancy asked for a display they could be moved all over the state of Florida. Our goal: to fabricate a display that could break down and fit into the back of a station wagon. After a few ideas were tossed around, our team decided on a tri-wall display. With this design, the walls could be easily removed or pieced together, providing easy transportation, installation, and breakdown for the Conservancy.



Make it Interactive



We strive to always create displays that the audience can interact with, whether through mechanical devices or new technology. For this project, we included a 15” screen to show looping video of sea turtles and turtle-safe lighting. This provides more than just panels of text; it is a more enthralling way of telling such an important story.



Make it Engaging



What better way to inform an audience then by show-and-tell? What kind of lighting should be used near sea turtle nesting beaches to keep hatchlings from straying in the wrong direction? We installed four different actual sea-turtle-safe light fixtures to literally show visitors what the Sea Turtle Conservancy is trying to teach. These lights not only entice visitors to read the panels but also engage the public in the subject. They add a certain "glow" to the display, don’t you think?



The Results



According to their Facebook page, the Sea Turtle Conservancy recently installed one of the four displays we created at the Florida Museum of Natural History. It is a part of the new Surfing Florida and Surfing Science exhibit, which will remain open until January 20th. They also just installed one at the Barrier Island Center in Melbourne Beach, Florida. Both places are fantastic locations to learn about sea turtles and other wildlife.

Lexie Beach, Communications Coordinator at the Sea Turtle Conservancy said, "According to our grant (which paid for the creation of the lighting displays), we’d ideally like for each of the four displays to be taken four different places around Florida for 3 month periods for a total of 16 venues. Some of the potential places on our list are: Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, Marine Science Center, The Turtle Hospital, The Florida Aquarium, Clearwater Aquarium, Mote Marine Lab, Loggerhead MarineLife Center, Conservancy of SW Florida, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Florida Gulfarium, Marineland, Sebastin Inlet State   Park, and Miami Seaquarium."


We will see where the displays will take them next!