What fits in that box?!


Delivery for Wilderness Graphics! ...We'll bring the truck around back.

Everyone is excited about the arrival of one GIANT box! And what is inside, you ask? Oh, just a printer.

A large format UV Flatbed printer.

In fact, it was so large, we had to cut four inches from our door just to get it in (thank goodness we have a team of fabricators handy)!

Vice President Chris Buchholz states, "Utilizing state-of-the-art UV curable ink sets that are VOC free and eco-friendly, our printers have the ability to print on virtually any substrate." That's right! You name a material, and we can probably print on it - paper, wood, aluminum, glass, and so much more.

He continues, "All CET Color printers are custom configured. This printer gives us unlimited possibilities of products to print on. The image is photographic quality just like a quality desktop printer. It’s an American-assembled piece of equipment from quality components sourced throughout the world."

We are so excited to produce amazing images and have already started brainstorming the endless possibilities! Contact us if you are interested in purchasing products printed on our flatbed printer.