#FeatureFriday - Our Interior Design Intern


We’re not sure if it’s her quirky upbringing or her colorful personality, but Allison Keevan has an eye for design. As our Fall 2013 intern, she has been a great asset to our team. She received her B.S. in Interior Design right here in the ‘Nole Nation (Florida State University), and she is currently pursuing her Master’s in Advanced Professional Interior Design. That’s not it, though. She loves photography, cooking, and even rides horses. Here is a short interview we had with Allison.

Q: So, why interior design?

A: I have always been interested in design in general. I grew up sketching and drawing and had a natural eye for composition. I think I was mainly influenced by my family and their business.  My father is a custom home builder, so I literally grew up on job sites, and my mother would help out with the interiors of the model homes. I would just tag along because it was fun.  It was really nice to have family who understood and could relate to what I was studying in school, and they have always fed me support and inspiration.

Q: So it sounds like it runs in the family – any other quirky talents you developed from your parents?

A: I'm pretty sure I developed my type-A personality from my mother.  She always had an exact method of doing things, and I learned my multitasking and organization skills from her.  We have very similar thought patterns and mannerisms, too. We are even the same strand of clean freaks! As far as my father goes, I like to think I acquired my killer dance moves from him.  Well, maybe not so much, but I did learn from him that you need to work hard in life to get where you want to be, that nothing will be given to you on a silver platter. I have him to thank for my work ethic.

Q: Do you have a favorite project?

A: Yes, that is easy!  In my last Studio Class, our senior capstone project was a 100,000-square-foot international boutique hotel where we were responsible for researching and devising a working program to design the hotel.  We were randomly assigned our locations, and the design needed to stem from the past and present culture of the location.  I enjoyed researching the people and culture of my random location, Amsterdam, and realized shortly after that hospitality design was quickly becoming my favorite focus of interior design.  I really loved how creative and experience-driven the environment could be due to its third-place characteristics as a destination.  We were to incorporate a restaurant and bar/lounge in the hotel, which allowed me to have a little taste of restaurant design.  I enjoyed it so much that it is now what I am studying for my master’s degree!

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