#FeatureFriday - Our 3-D Designer


One word describes our designer Meghan Mick perfectly: natural. Why? When it comes to design, she has a natural ability, and she loves the natural beauty the world has to offer. With an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from Vanderbilt University and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University, there is little Meghan doesn’t know about design. We asked her a few questions about her career and personal life.


Q: Why does design captivate you?

A: Good design can transform things for people, whether it's a space or simply a visual. It can really shape our experiences, which I find exciting.


Q: Did anyone in particular inspire you?

A: My dad can draw, even though he doesn't do it for a living, and my mom was super creative in other ways. I guess I was drawn to both the creativity and the skill.

Q: Right now, you are also the owner of a design business called “From the Ground Up.” Tell us about it!

A: I started From the Ground Up almost five years ago, after working for a landscape architecture firm and having my second son. The business focuses on creating spaces that are interesting and inspire people to spend more time outside, especially kids. I think many people, particularly children, spend far too much time inside and that a nature connection from an early age can really shape your well-being and sense of community. Playgrounds are so plastic and predictable these days. From the Ground Up really strives to change that in a way that helps establish a nature connection, encourage creativity and facilitate play. 


Q: Did you grow up playing outdoors?

A: I did play outside a lot as a kid and was given a fair amount of freedom to bike and explore in my neighborhood.  I've always loved the water and was on the crew team in high school.


Q: What kind of outdoor activities do you currently enjoy?

A: These days my adventures are generally closer to home. We take the kids on the trails around town at least once a week. They bike or run with us. Any time running in the woods is therapeutic for me!