A vacation in the Bahamas? I work there!

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There is an obvious benefit to working for Wilderness Graphics — we have projects all over the world. And you know what that means?! We travel! This #throwbackthursday is a tribute to one of our favorite places - The Bahamas!

From 2005 to the present, we have planned, designed, fabricated, and installed a variety of outdoor exhibits for The Bahamas.

Antiquities, Monuments, and Museums Corporation

Wilderness Graphics has worked with this important government agency on numerous historic projects in The Bahamas. These include – the development of a National Interpretive Program of bronze historic markers placed throughout the islands to highlight points of historic significance, an exhibit concept plan developed for the Pompey Museum in Nassau outlining a series of exhibits interpreting the sensitive subject of slavery and emancipation, as well interpretive exhibits for several historic forts, such as Fort Fincastle and Fort Charlotte. Rustic displays integrate the exhibit program with the old fort features.