#ThrowbackThursday - Our contribution to the Chicago O'Hare Airport

In the late ‘80s (wow, we’re old!), Wilderness Graphics designed, created, and installed an exhibit in the international wing of the Chicago O’Hare Airport. It featured information on the effects of smuggling on endangered species. Our employee, Dave Sims, remembers the exhibit well.

“It was actually really cool. There was a Plexiglas ball about 4 ½ feet in diameter. I drew the continents of the world, cut them out with an X-ACTO knife, and sandblasted the world onto the clear dome. We then suspended a taxidermy bald eagle inside of it, courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The panel was a rotating prism. Back then, it was the latest technology! We hand painted three different scenes on laminate, cut them apart, and when you turned the handle, the image would spin to reveal a new scene.”

Dave Sims, right, fabricating the globe.

The exhibit also included a display of artifacts commonly smuggled, such as ivory elephant tusks. We've been doing our part to help protect our world's endangered species for decades!