Come Explore the Estuary Explorium!


We are proud to present our newest exhibit adventure  -- the Estuary Explorium located at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute! Complete with a myriad of interactives and special spaces just for children, the exhibit hall introduces visitors to estuary research with fascinating information about species such as the blue crab. Catch a glimpse of what we accomplished, below. Don't forgot to also check out the video and watch the exhibits come alive!

Zoe's Zone (Kid's Area)

Window Scrims

Redesigned Ceilings

We would like to thank The University of Texas Marine Science Institute for the opportunity to create and learn alongside such a dedicated and intellectual team.

If you would like to learn more about the Marine Science Institute, click here to discover the wonders of estuaries and how you can get involved.

Unit 1: Between River and Sea

Unit 2: Estuaries and Economics

Unit 3: Migration and Metamorphosis 

Floor-to-Ceiling Murals

Unit 4: Environmental Change