Cross Creeks, Autumn Speaks

Seasons play an important part in many cycles of nature. Migratory birds are sensitive to the angle of the sun as it begins creeping lower in the sky during fall. As the temperature of the air starts to gradually drop, they are prompted to travel great distances to avoid the impending winter weather. Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge—near Dover, Tennessee—is a vital resting place for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds as they make their way south each year. This wondrous spot is also home to a variety of resident birds and wildlife year-round. As a vital refuge for a myriad of life, Cross Creeks provides an excellent venue for educating the public on the importance of wildlife preservation, stewardship, and management. Wilderness Graphics recently won the bid to plan and implement an exciting exhibit program at Cross Creeks’ handsome new visitor center. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature as we present some of the engaging exhibits we designed, fabricated, and installed.

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