Quintessential Quincy

**UPDATED - Added a few missing photos**

Welcome to Quincy, Florida – population: 7,000! Known for its tobacco farms and Coca-Cola millionaires, Quincy has a small regional airport that recently underwent a major renovation. Although Wilderness Graphics got its start in wildlife interpretation and exhibit fabrication (over 35 years ago!), in the intervening years we have broadened our palette and have produced head-turning designs and installations for an impressive variety of clients. With Chris Buchholz at the helm, utilizing his vast contractor’s experience, we can build major structures from the ground up, which is exactly what was needed for this project. When we were chosen to help restore and renovate this local historic site, we knew we had to go the extra mile to research and bring to life the unique intersection in history of Quincy and flight. In the pages of history, we found heroic figures, economic success stories, and good old-fashioned southern heritage.

Drawing on a variety of media, from recent aerial photos to old newsprint, we put together the unique story of Quincy's airport. Take a look at the images below. We hope you enjoy discovering more about the history of small-town America as much as we enjoyed building and beautifying this small but important part of Florida heritage.