Paynes Prairie: Visual Magnetics

Paynes Prairie, Florida’s first state preserve and now a National Natural Landmark, recently raised money to renovate their beautiful visitor center. Wilderness Graphics played a hand in these renovations with a new product called Visual Magnetics. Our client wanted a large map displayed at the entrance, but they faced a challenge. As the map would change over time, they needed a product that was easy to replace. Our Visual Magnetics proved to be a perfect solution! Easy to print and even easier to switch out, Visual Magnetics allowed the flexibility they needed without compromising on quality and aesthetics. 

We also created over 100 small magnetic pucks, each printed with a different animal species. Park guests can now place a puck on the map in the location where they sighted the animal. What a great way to keep track of the amazing species that flock throughout the preserve!

Wilderness Graphics is excited to have had the opportunity to display these two new products in our own home state! Make sure to check out Paynes Prairie on your next trip down I-75. This wondrous preserve is biologically, historically, and geologically unique and now offers a state-of-the-art visitor center, to boot!