Apalachicola Arsenal Museum: Phase 1


Calling the Shots!


In Chattahoochee, Florida stands the Apalachicola Arsenal Museum, a beautifully restored building brimming with a rich history.


For this project, we agreed to work in phases to best meet the museum’s financial needs as fundraising is still underway. We even volunteered to assist with posters and other fundraising material.


Do you know how musket balls were made? In shot towers, of course!


In this phase of the project, we built an exhibit featuring the historic shot tower that once stood at the Fort. We strive to keep our exhibits contemporary by incorporating up-to-date technology, so with the push of a button, curious visitors can watch the shot tower in action! An interactive video showcases the process, while interpretation provides a detailed explanation.


We loved helping bring Florida’s history to life and look forward to Phase 2.


Stay tuned—you won’t want to miss our upcoming installations at the Arsenal!