Narrows Environmental Education Center in Largo, Florida

Celebrating Water!

Imagine running into the crystal blue ocean, your skin splashed by the cool surf. Or perhaps you’re at an aquarium, smiling ear to ear as schools of fish pass you by. From gemlike and glassy to dark and murky, water is nothing short of incredible. It isn’t just a dispensable accessory; it’s a necessity for life. It is essential for our survival, from the pure water that we drink to the oceans that sustain our diverse ecosystems.

Our goal for a recent project at the Narrows Environmental Education Center in Largo, Florida was to stimulate both learning and critical thought about the watery planet on which we live. Our creative vision, attention to detail, and trademarked passion shimmers through every facet of  Your Life, Your Water! Using state-of-the-art solid-state equipment, our talented design, multimedia, and fabrication staff created a learning environment that puts the “fun” in functional. Interactive touchscreen games for both adults and children encourage visitors to not only learn about water but care for it, as well. We are proud of this small display that makes a big difference!