Wilderness Graphics' Current Escapades

Wilderness Graphics is always looking for our next great design/install experience. Recently, we finished a complete re-imagining of the Cross Creeks NWR visitor center (awaiting install in the fall).

Cross Creeks NWR is an important migratory destination for many species of birds. In order to showcase their pivotal role in conservation and wildlife management, we created new multimedia exhibits, upgraded some aging dioramas, and designed and fabricated a rotating centerpiece that will change orientation according to the current season.

To make all of this happen, we've employed the astounding skills of 3D artist, Zak Weinberg, who spent time learning at the feet of Disney imagineers; local design students, like Jake Prusher, who have proven their abilities with many, impressive portfolio pieces; as well as the seasoned staff here at WGi (check our Team page), under the capable production leadership of VP, Chris Buchholz.

If you are looking for an incredible design team, a company with 30+ years of experience in graphic design, exhibit fabrication and installation, and an ever-expanding portfolio of consumer design products, please take a look at our work and contact us today!

Below are a few photos showcasing the fabrication process for some of our key exhibits.