How to clean up historic images in Adobe Photoshop

Do you have photos that contain a large number of scratches or noise from years of abuse? There are several different methods to cleaning up photos. Here are a couple quick tips for any aspiring graphic designers out there!Our example image: 1. The Healing Brush Tool is your friend The best way to clean up scratches is [...]

A vacation in the Bahamas? I work there!

There is an obvious benefit to working for Wilderness Graphics — we have projects all over the world. And you know what that means?! We travel! This #throwbackthursday is a tribute to one of our favorite places - The Bahamas! From 2005 to the present, we have planned, designed, fabricated, and installed a variety [...]

What fits in that box?!

Delivery for Wilderness Graphics! ...We'll bring the truck around back.Everyone is excited about the arrival of one GIANT box! And what is inside, you ask? Oh, just a printer.A large format UV Flatbed printer.In fact, it was so large, we had to cut four inches from our door just to get it in (thank goodness we [...]

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Keep it Low, Keep it Long, Keep it Shielded

Wilderness Graphics teamed with the Sea Turtle Conservancy of Gainesville, Florida to create a display to spread awareness about sea turtles and turtle-safe lighting. Our challenges for this project: make it portable, make it interactive, and make it engaging.  Make it Portable  The Sea Turtle Conservancy asked for a display they could be moved all over the [...]

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