UW Superior

Superior, WI.


You’ve probably heard of an estuary—but how about an “estuarium”!? Last fall, Wilderness Graphics headed to Wisconsin to install exhibits at the “Lake Superior Estuarium.”

Here, we unveiled a brand-new product—a vibrant printed epoxy floor. A giant floor map sealed in epoxy guides visitors across the entire room—from Lake Superior through the St. Louis Estuary and back again. The floor is not only part of the interpretive story but also a functional, durable flooring product that will stand up to public wear and tear. Beautiful corresponding photomurals lit by movable LED lighting fixtures adorn the walls, so visitors grasp a vivid sense of place. A large, custom sales display of narrow wood holds wide glass shelves, showcasing products available for purchase. On the back windows facing the water, we added perforated window film depicting colorful graphics of a variety of wildlife. 

We’re proud creators of engaging, interactive exhibits—like a large freestanding table that displays an aerial map of the estuary. Visitors approach this interactive table from all sides. Using attached touch pads, they bring the map to life! We always incorporate simple solid-state electronics that are easy to update as technology progresses.

Our team is dedicated to following their creative visions to design innovative, exciting new products—without breaking the bank. We started this project with a concept plan and were committed to bringing each element to fruition while staying within budget.

The final product exceeds expectations—and we’re looking forward to taking on more projects like this!