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Here’s an Example:

A Superior Space—From Floor to Ceiling!

You’ve probably heard of an estuary—but how about an “estuarium”!? Last fall, Wilderness Graphics headed to Wisconsin to install exhibits at the “Lake Superior Estuarium.”

Here, we unveiled a brand-new product—a vibrant printed epoxy floor. A giant floor map sealed in epoxy guides visitors across the entire room—from Lake Superior through the St. Louis Estuary and back again. The floor is not only part of the interpretive story but also a functional, durable flooring product that will stand up to public wear and tear. Beautiful corresponding photomurals adorn the walls, so visitors grasp a vivid sense of place.

We’re proud creators of engaging, interactive exhibits—like a large freestanding table that displays an aerial map of the estuary. Visitors approach this interactive table from all sides. Using attached touch pads, they bring the map to life! We always incorporate simple solid-state electronics that are easy to update as technology progresses.

Our team is dedicated to following their creative visions to design innovative, exciting new products—without breaking the bank. We started this project with a concept plan and were committed to bringing each element to fruition while staying within budget.

The final product exceeds expectations—and we’re looking forward to adding even more lighting and audio embellishments in a Phase 2. Stay tuned!

Wilderness Graphics planned, designed, fabricated, and installed an exhibit located in a 275-square-foot room, highlighting the history of Captiva Island. The room size proved to be a great opportunity for us to utilize our creative team to develop a unique and "captivating" design. We turned the small room into the cabin of a mail boat - a strong historic feature of the early 20th century on Captiva. The mail boat was used to cross the bay every day to deliver mail and supplies to the islanders, a symbol of their isolation and independence. It retired in 1963. In our exhibit, each window of the boat is transformed into a "Window to the Past." 

Overall, we determined that the best way to capture Captiva and its charming history was to utilize technology to not only create a moving space, but to enhance the visitor experience. Touchscreens and video productions allow more information to be shared and easily updated, adding flexibility and longevity to the exhibit. 

We would like to thank the Captiva Island Historical Society for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to preserve Captiva's history and culture.



We are proud to present our newest exhibit adventure  -- the Estuary Explorium located at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute! Complete with a myriad of interactives and special spaces just for children, the exhibit hall introduces visitors to estuary research with fascinating information about species such as the blue crab. Catch a glimpse of what we accomplished, below. Don't forgot to also check out the video and watch the exhibits come alive!

We would like to thank The University of Texas Marine Science Institute for the opportunity to create and learn alongside such a dedicated and intellectual team.

If you would like to learn more about the Marine Science Institute, click here to discover the wonders of estuaries and how you can get involved.