ID Plates

Need a plant identified? These small aluminum plates are perfect for identifying trailside features without interfering with the surrounding area. They provide the common name, scientific name, and a brief informative description. Minimum order of five.

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Trail Signs

Our popular 9x12” trail signs are perfect for identifying natural features. They provide a brief description and illustration of common wildlife and plant species. Available in a variety of durable substrates. Minimum order of three.

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Standard Signs

Find just the topic you want to interpret! Our colorful standard signs are designed to engage a wide audience at an affordable cost. Available in a variety of durable substrates.

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Semi-Custom Signs

Colorful signs you can customize to your project! Pick the species to be shown in the inset boxes. We have a large library of detailed illustrations to choose from. Available in a variety of durable substrates.

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Custom Signs

Let us design your perfect sign! Our custom sign services include interpretive writing, graphic design, illustration, and production. Inquire about production-only jobs, too—you provide the design file and we produce the finished sign. Available in a variety of durable substrates. Please contact us for a quote on a custom sign.

  • Custom ID Plates Starting at $105
  • Custom Trail Signs Starting at $248
  • Custom Signs Starting at $1,650
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Wilderness Graphics offers a wide variety of accessories to add to your project. These additions work great with our signs, mounts, and kiosks and provide a useful, versatile, and custom look.

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