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Where Have We Worked?

From coast to coast and sea to shining sea, Wilderness Graphics has provided designs for signs, exhibits, dioramas, waysides, multimedia experiences, and interactive displays. Some we fabricated and installed, others we shipped at the customer’s request.

Three Decades of Experience

In business since 1975, Wilderness Graphics is distinguished by our ability to produce diverse media based on natural and cultural history and environmental topics. We are now branching out to include a vast array of products, using our past to create something new.


We are proud of the quality of our work and the value we provide to maximize budgets. Wilderness Graphics is well suited to tackle exhibit design and fabrication projects for museums, visitor centers, trails,and other venues. A full-service firm with in-house resources, we take ideas to implementation! We provide planning and products that support outreach, education, interpretation, and heritage and eco-tourism. Services include concept plans and budgeting, immersive and interactive exhibits, habitat dioramas, multimedia and AV production, and more!

We take pride in partnering with clients to apply creativity and imagination. From initial concept through completed project, we create exhibits that are cost effective and incorporate up-to-date technology and universal design for accessibility. With experience stretching from Alaska to international venues in the Caribbean, our successes include practical and durable products that engage the public.

In addition to custom projects, our sign and kiosk division produces outdoor signs and kiosks featured in our Standard Products Catalog.

Our Philosophy

As a full-service firm providing comprehensive services, Wilderness Graphics is well suited for combined design and production projects. We take pride in applying creativity and imagination from the initial concept to the completed project, producing practical and durable products for the public at a good value for our clients.

Our staff of planners, designers, writers, artists, and crafts persons apply their talents to all projects.

We also know there are times when you need a ready-made display, so we offer a catalog of standard products that can be easily ordered.

Whatever your need, we aim to please!

“Our interpretive signs arrived last week and they are wonderful!  We are extremely pleased with the quality of your products.  The graphics are beautiful and the frames are very sturdy.”

Nathan D. Speagle, Green Earth, Inc.

“To be able to take in a very concentrated but expansive and interesting show while checking out books was a wonderful way to expand one’s knowledge.”

Marygrace Barber, quote from News-Press

“As one of the leaders in the field of interpretive design and fabrication, Wilderness Graphics has become synonymous with excellence . . .”

Jamie Rappaport Clark, Former Director, USFWS

The Team Leaders



I graduated with a B.S. in Accounting from Florida State University and became a CPA in 1991. With my extensive background in professional accounting, I joined the company ready to take on the financial needs of the business.

My previous experience includes 6 years with a local CPA firm, 11 years with the Department of Justice, and 6 years as a CFO of a credit union. While at the CPA firm, I was responsible for preparing financial statements, budgets, forecasts, cash flow statements, and projections for all types of business sectors. I was in charge of conducting audits and prepared business, personal, and estate tax returns.  At the Dept. of Justice, I helped facilitate the Ch. 11 debtor’s financial reporting and accounting practices in order to determine feasibility of bankruptcy restructuring. I prepared exhibits for court proceedings and testified as an expert witness. As the CFO of the credit union, I assist the CEO in achieving their strategic goals. I monitor the credit union’s asset liability position and investment portfolio and work closely with all regulatory agencies. I oversee all financial activities and ensure financial compliance and accuracy.

At Wilderness Graphics, I provide my financial expertise to all aspects of the company, from business management and financial administration to strategic planning and contract negotiations. I handle the day-to-day accounting, personnel, taxes, and budgets. When it comes to the numbers and keeping the company on track, I jump in with both feet. Maybe that’s why power walking is my hobby!

My personal goal for our small business is to maintain a work atmosphere where creativity, quality, and innovation come together to create the best product for our clients. I want our employees to feel valued and part of the team, constantly striving toward great customer service, professionalism, and excellence.


Vice President/Staff Director

I have had the unique pleasure of being a part of the Wilderness Graphics team twice in my life. I started my career at Wilderness Graphics as exhibit fabrication manager and recently returned, years later, as the owner. I brought back to the company not only my contractor’s license but 24 years of project management experience.

I am a jack of all trades – a creator. I draw materials, methods, and manpower together to bring ideas to life. I first discovered this passion as a boat builder, fabricating and then fishing offshore commercial boats. I further developed my resourcefulness during the restoration of the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island National Park in the mid 80’s as director of a project repurposing materials removed. I then expanded my expertise to home building for a regional builder. Moving on to a new project team, I managed the construction of several Southern Living Magazine Idea Houses and the building of an HGTV Dream Home Giveaway home in just 5 months!

I excel at logistics, making things happen in out-of-the-way places – northern Alaska, isolated islands, and other remote areas. Through all my life’s work, I felt a tug to return to Wilderness Graphics. The creativity of our projects and rising to each new challenge are what I love.


Project Manager/Writer

My previous work as an education specialist and historic interpreter has provided me with practical experience in public interpretation as well as hands-on experience with museum exhibits. This has been an asset to my interpretive planning and writing here at Wilderness Graphics for the past 10 years. Owning my own graphics and screen printing company for over 20 years has also afforded me a knowledge of project planning, production, and administration.

Earning my B.S. in Biology from Duke University with studies at Duke’s Marine Lab and the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Research, as well as work at NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries and Oceanographic Laboratories has given me a solid knowledge of marine and environmental science. Work aboard the R/V Researcher allowed me to visit the Caribbean, Africa, Hawaii, and Tahiti. Inspired, I lived for 10 years aboard my own sailboat, cruising and diving throughout Florida, The Bahamas, the eastern Caribbean, and South America. I am now content to explore the rivers of North Florida in my kayak!


Senior Graphic Designer

With a BS in Studio Art from Florida State University, I bring a strong background in visual arts to the company. As an art instructor at a local primary school, I developed a method for teaching the basics of graphic design to children. This hands-on experience with children’s education has given me added insight into a variety of interactive and educational projects at Wilderness Graphics.

Over my 10 years with the company, I have honed my creative and technical skills in audio and video production, as well as touch screen and control system programming. Not only am I proficient at juggling the diversity of work at the office, but in my spare time, I juggle balls, clubs, cigar boxes, diabolos, and anything else I can keep in the air. A founding member of the Tallahassee Juggling Club, I have helped bring the art and joy of juggling to children and adults throughout the community.