Boca West Nature Trail

Boca West, FL

Walking with Wildlife

At Boca West

When taking a stroll in the great outdoors, you are bound to encounter wildlife — even on a neighborhood trail. Some you may recognize, and some you may not. That’s why we teamed up with Boca West Master Association to give visitors an educational stroll along an existing boardwalk in their own backyard!

With the hard work of our team, Wilderness Graphics created full-color custom trail signs to identify a variety of wildlife. Finely painted, realistic, life-size statues of each species were then placed nearby in their natural habitat. Imagine discovering a full-size American alligator or Florida panther hiding in the foliage...or a white-tailed doe with its fawn curled at its feet. Colorful checklist brochures were designed to allow guests to engage in a fun scavenger hunt, checking off plants and animals they find on their walk.

As diligent stewards of the environment, we are proud of the work we’ve done at Boca West, showcasing that even your everyday walk can be an exciting opportunity to learn about the wildlife around you!