Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Jupiter, FL

This summer, Wilderness Graphics headed to Jupiter, Florida to install exhibits at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary’s new Discovery Center.

The Sanctuary helps rescue, rehabilitate, and release sick and injured wild animals and educates the public on how to protect Florida wildlife. With this in mind, our mission was to put the values of the Sanctuary on display for all to see by creating a variety of engaging and educational exhibits. Interpretive panels around the space remind visitors to respect their furry neighbors, stressing the importance of leaving wildlife in the wild.

It’s no secret that habitat is vital to the survival of wildlife — that’s why we created a full-length wall mural of Florida habitats, displaying everything from swamps to pine flatwoods. A massive video wall highlights the Sanctuary and the surrounding Loxahatchee River District, while another video wall showcases the amazing critters the Sanctuary has in its care. Interactives geared toward a younger audience include a spinning-block matching game, a sliding-bead board, and a crawl-through gopher tortoise hole. Catch a glimpse of a hidden indigo snake!

We are proud of the work we’ve done at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in our home state of Florida, teaching the community that they can all play a big part in keeping wildlife safe!